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Jury Duty and wedding pics!

Ok, so since I am still here in jury duty waiting to be called (yay for free WiFi) , I thought I would do a little post and post a few pics from my cousin's cousin's wedding (I usually just call her cousin but in reality we are not blood-related).  I have a lot of cousins like that, actually.  The non-blood-related ones.  But there are just like family and I am not one to care much about biological family ties vs. marriage ties, so, yeah, anytime we have a wedding like this, it is like a big family reunion, seeing all the family I grew up with.  It is always a good time and a good time being around "my people" from Mother Russia, haha.

My cousin Larissa is the one who got married to her man Casey.  Yes, a lot of younger cousins getting married!!  She's 21.  My cousin Christina (who is blood related) and I are the only girls not married yet that are 20 or over.  We are kind of old maids as Russian girls, but ah well, I still think I have a few good years ahead of us. ;-)

Yay, ,one of my favorite wedding moments, the kiss. :)

My family and me with the bride and groom.

My cousins and I with the beautiful bride!

Gabe, Mom, and me.

Me, Christina, Jessica, Becca, and Valerie (all cousins, Chris and Val are blood related). Btw, my cousin Chris convinced me to get those shoes....I actually thought they were "too sexy" when I first saw them. :) It was so nice to see Valerie, I hadn't seen her since she got married in January.  She moved right after marriage to Colorado after living in CA all her life.  She says it was totally worth it even though at first she was incredibly homesick....it was worth it to be with the man she loves. :-)

The cousin table!  Best table at the reception since we all tend to get a little crazy/loud when we hang out together!. ;-)

Omg, shoes.

Chris, Val, and me. :-) Yes I am the whitest white girl in CA, I think I can claim that title..


My brother and me after the festivities.

  After the wedding, we actually went out to dinner (since it was just a dessert wedding, we were a little hungry), and then we rented a movie and went back to my cousin Sam and Jessica's new house to watch it.  After some Planet Earth and some good byes, we left at like 1:00am after spending 12 hours together.   Then I saw them all again at church in the morning since we all decided to go to check the same one out that day. Good times. :-)

In other news, still waiting to be called at Jury Duty.  My butt is beginning to fall asleep from sitting so long. 

The good news is, though, I get paid for this.  Yay!  Bad news is, I probably have to work all night tonight.  Bummers.  Ah well hopefully it goes by fast. :)  

BTW, sunflowers are such a happy flower, aren't they?


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Sep. 18th, 2008 10:58 pm (UTC)

Nice shoes.

Hope your butt wakes up. o.O

Yes, they are happy.
Sep. 19th, 2008 04:06 am (UTC)
Pretty wedding!

I still can't believe black is the new color for weddings. I guess for a super formal wedding...maybe...but, your cousin's wedding didn't look super formal.

Oh well, again...super pretty wedding! :)
Sep. 20th, 2008 06:06 pm (UTC)
You had jury duty too?
I just had jury duty on the 16th... I didn't get a case though. :-(
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