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A few pics from my trip to Texas, just for fun:

John as Brad Paisley, his cowboy country singer alter ego ;-)

John and me in his parent's backyard:

Right before leaving Laredo, TX:

In other news, I have been thinking a lot about grad school and possibly going back to get my Master's, and/or applying for a new job in another section of the hospital or even in a different hospital all together.  But, I am terrified of change, and feel so comfortable with what I do now, so...there is my dilemma.   But change is good and exciting, so, I am definitely considering it. It would be awesome if I could work in a clinic or something like that, 9-5, like a normal person.  I'll have to do some research and see what my options are, and talk to some people.  It is very exciting and overwhelming and scary and fun to think of all the options, so we'll see what lies in store for the future. :)

Hope everything is going great for everyone!  I am excited for the holidays! :-D

Again, anyone wanna start working out together?  I could always use more motivation...even if it is just once a week, It would be great to have a work out buddy at least some of the time. :)


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Nov. 12th, 2009 02:33 am (UTC)
just 2 cents: working the 8-5 has some serious non-monetary benefits.

Good luck, E!
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