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Oh man, I have been so lazy and exhausted all the time.  I have just gotten really bad about working out.  Haven't done it in forever.  And my whole sleep schedule is off.  Forgetting to take my vitamins.  So my body is not happy.  Come on come one, get happy!!  :-D

Yeah so for those who are going camping, let's go hiking and swimming and physical stuff, that would be great!!!  I think I'll go work out Thursday night, too.  At like midnight.  That would be fun. :)

Don't wanna work tonight, nope nope nope.  But it's only a 12 hour shift plus staying late for an in service meeting, then blessed sleeep and then shopping for stuff for camping, yay!

Um, what was I going to say?  Oh yeah, I was talking the other day  with some peeps from Nursing school about boys...err, men.  Well, no, boys, who don't understand how to be a gentlemen.  Like I don't understand how a boy can be like, hey, let's go to dinner, and then at the end of the evening assume YOU will pay.  What ever happened to offering to pay for the girl?  What ever happened to guys at least having some common sense in treating a lady like someone special?  How are you showing me I am special if I am the one picking you up, paying for the meal, and dropping you off?  Is it my requirement to be the man?  Well, seriously, if you are not the man, someone has to be....Some of the woman and I were just talking the other day over lunch about how we would be embarrassed if we were the guy, asking a girl out and then not paying for anything....I mean really, where have all the gentlemen gone?  And also, not having any motivation...like, to even get a job.  How do you feel fulfilled in your life by sitting at home all day?  What are you really accomplishing?  It 's just is one of those things I don't understand.  I mean, sure, if you have the money, I could see the reluctance factor in getting a job...but life would be awfully unfulfilling either way.

Ok done with that thought.  Off to get ready for work!  Good night!

Free time? Yeah, srsly!!!

So, I work Tuesday and am then off on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Let's do something.  Pretty please. :)  I took the NCLEX (Nursing boards) and have no idea how i did but my brain could sure use a rest from being squished inside my books and review course material for the last few weeks.

Also I am looking for anyone who wants to work out with me at 24 hour fitness, if any of you all have a membership there.  I need a workout partner for motivation!  haha.   I can get you a free week-long pass, too. :)

Oh one more thing: any advice on good websites to check out for apts?  I am looking in the Fair Oaks/Citrus Heights area if possible.  Any help would be awesome!
Yay, I like my new LJ theme with the little chicks and the lightening bolts.

No yay for still living at home. Ugh...

Things to do:

- Study study study mucho for NCLEX (boards). Must start doing this almost everyday, and def. every day I have off.

- Go apt. hunting

- find potential roommates

- Get my badge so I don't have to keep wearing this ugly temporary badge (which is pretty much a piece of laminated paper with my name on it, haha)!

- Go to the gym on EVERY DAY OFF.  Seriously.

For today:

- Go to work and not kill any patients and not have a heart attack from anxiety...eek!


- Celebrate Independence Day with friends, yay!!!!!!!!!!!


Meet Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade

Norma McCorvey aka "Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade recently did a commercial:

I find it interesting that there seem to be a lot more people that go from pro-choice to pro-life than the other way around (especially those that were once actively pro-choice...like abortionists themselves, and women like Norma). Hmm...

Anyway, feel free to comment :)

WTF? Obama and his contradictions....

Oh, Obama, you make me laugh.
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Oh, and here is a good video I pretty much agree with:

Thought this was a good article, esp. for Christians to read (but by all means, please read even if you aren't).

From Michael Spielman:

This weekend I took a look at Joel Hunter's article "Politics" in the current issue of Relevant Magazine. Accompanying the article are the results of the recent Relevant Reader Poll, conducted online at RelevantMagazine.com. In response to the question, Can A Christian Support Abortion Rights?, 53% said... yes. When asked, "Who Would Jesus Vote For?", more of Relevant's readers chose Barack Obama (28%) than any other candidate. In light of the fact that Barack Obama aggressively supports a mother's "right" to execute her children before they are born, I am dumbstruck that so many 20-something Christians believe he is the candidate Jesus would most likely support. The first sentence of Hunter's article alludes to the notion that it is a terrible thing to be a "one-issue" voter. I have to assume that it is this kind of thinking which prompted a majority of Relevant readers to declare that is is OK for Christians to support abortion rights. In other words, I think a lot of young Christians (who don't sufficiently grasp the barbarity of abortion) are thinking, "I like what this candidate stands for here, here, and here, so I can overlook his or her support of abortion (after all, I don't want to be a one-issue voter)." Any time I hear reasoning like that, I'm reminded of a short article John Piper wrote some years back. It's a tremendous help at times like these. I've excerpted three paragraphs below, but PLEASE take the time to read the whole thing. It's only seven paragraphs altogether.

Prolific atrocities
Twisted philosophies
It’s such a tragedy
Inside. it’s killing me
From sea to shining sea
It’s such a mystery
How their eyes just can’t see
The blood they spill freely

It’s me, myself, and I
A sullen lullaby
Is all that I can do
To keep from feeling blue
I’m numb by all this cold
And feel so very old
Am I working in vain?
I cannot stand this pain

“Dear God, please turn me into stone”
She just wanted to be alone
And not feel the pain of so many things
And not dream eternal, evil dreams

Brick walls stained solid red
Their innocent lives are shed
My heart can take no more
Is it worth dying for?

I would if I could end
this choice, never defend;
I wish that they could see
In love and purity

God, can I change my prayer?
I want no heart of stone
Nor just being alone
could heal the broken bone

Rather, I pray fervently instead
To open the world’s tightly-closed eyes
Even so-called Christians bring demise
to blessings when they believe the lies

Lord, please increase my strength
Let my heart find peace in You
For if your followers won’t fight for their precious lives
What then are we to do?

Whatever I do not do for them, I do not do for you,
Each day you are murdered 4,000 times,
Are we to blame, is it true?

Please give us all the courage, Lord,
To not stand idly by
And watch your blessings be torn in pieces
Our children, brothers, nephews, nieces…

Our ways are not your ways, Lord,
You say narrow is the path,
Father, please guide me safely home
following this aftermath


House and propaganda

Eep. So much homework/studying to do and I don't feel like doin' it. So instead I will post this video about the evils of propaganda on girls today (taken from a myspace friend, Rose). Enjoy!

Btw, I also watched this re-run of House the other day in which a 10 year old chubby girl takes diet pills and has a heart attack due to the adverse effects of the pills. Later the show reveals that her obesity is caused by a brain tumor on her pituitary (aka Cushing's Disease). It was sad, I hecka related to the fat girl because I was pretty chubby, especially around 5th-7th grade and had no friends just like this poor girl. Kids can be cruel, mmhmm.

Anyway, one of the doctors, Chase, kept saying, "she needs to exercise and lose weight" to cure her and kept calling her fat and lazy. At one point Chase says again to the cause of the problem "she's fat," to which Foreman yells,"Ok, we get it, you hate fat people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I don't know why, but that line was freakin' hilarous. :-D

Back to school work....

why I'll never take the Pill.

If you are taking the Pill, please watch this video. 

There is a term in Nursing we use called "informed consent" for patients.  All patients need to know side effects of drugs before they are given the drug.  This does not always happen.  So, I hope this video informs you/widens your knowledge base.

To know more please read the research done by Randy Alcorn:
or download the pdf at:


I was mildly poisoned today.

Yep, it's true.  I went across the street of Kaiser South Sac. for hospital orientation and computer orientation today.  We were in the building for 4 hours learning the software for charting at Kaiser.  At one point we had to switch rooms and my instructor noticed a faint smell and said, "Do any of you notice that smell?"  Most people did not smell anything. "Well, if any of  you feel strange or something just let me know."  So we went on with our orientation.  At one point my friend was complaining about feeling light-headed and I was, too.  I figured it was because I had not eaten breakfast, so I ate 1/2 a granola bar and drank some coffee.  Still felt "funny" and found it hard to concentrate, but I presumed it was due to sleep deprivation the night before.  Later on, I think my instructor could not take the smell anymore and opened the door.  At this point she noticed a fire truck and a crowd of people outside with the building being lined off by some workers.  We were then told there was some kind of pesticide residue in the building and we had to evacuate immediately. 

All I could think of was how strange the day had been even prior to that. Everything seemed to go wrong.  Many of our computers had froze throughout that session, we had to leave our room because some other group had reserved it for the same time, we were in the ghetto-eist building ever, and so forth.   Yeah, what an interesting day!

The toxic chemical is an organophosphate pesticide called Parathion.  You can read about it here.

We got a handout on it  from our instructor and a few of us did have some of the symptoms including nausea, abdominal cramping, irritability, light-headedness, and fatigue.  Kinda scary, really.  My poor friend was pretty nauseous and light-headed, but she toughed it out and did not want to go get examined.  All of us seemed to be doing better after we went across the street to the hospital, ate something, and had time away from the building.  I had some weird light-headedness and nausea a little later on, but it went away before I left the hospital.

I am just so thankful to God we were out of there before too long and that no one had any serious or life-threatening effects.  Yay!

Dude, I just heard thunder!!!  And clouds are rolling in in a previously cloud-free, sunny sky!  It's a cloud just big enough to cover our little neighborhood!!!

Yep, and interesting day, indeed.